Team Text Thread

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Part of a good communication plan is ensuring you can reach people when you need to. Many parents will not digest important, timely information well over email. That’s just a fact of life. Make everyone’s life easier by setting up a simple text thread between all parents. Since most text services won’t let you have more [...]

Dealing with Snacks

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This doesn’t need to be complicated, but having tried many different things here’s what I recommend: Have them, at least through U12 Have your team parent assign the role alphabetically and the parents can switch amongst themselves as needed Ask that your team parent send a confirmation text to the snack parent the morning of the [...]

Team Funds and Banner

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Team Fund AYSO has a policy against collecting pooled funds as there have been cases of abuse. So you'll just need to do your best to get reinbursed for shared expenses. I recommend communicating upfront what that will be and collecting any banner funds right away. Typical expenses include: $15 per family to cover two parties and the occasional [...]

Team Website

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As part of an amazing team communication plan there are a few good options for setting up a team website for communications. Like anything else there are pros and cons with any option. For the purposes of this article, we’re assuming you need the basics of a calendar, availability tracker, and photo sharing. All of the [...]

Midseason Practice Parties

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As part of our team communications plan: Most coaches default to only getting their team together at the last practice celebration. I highly recommend you consider adding a couple other informal touch points along the way. If you as a coach perform flawlessly in your normal duties, you’ve given some kids (and your own) a great [...]

Coach’s Gift

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Coaches - Feel free to point your team parent here. This is just a short list of ideas I’ve seen that worked well and weren’t expensive at all: A card signed by every player on the team. Do encourage the players to write a short phrase or (if too young) ask them and write it for [...]

“Last Practice” Celebration

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As AYSO does not officially condone team parties, having a celebration during "last practice" will be the focus here. This event culminates your team communications plan. This is the chance for the team parent to shine. You want to provide some specific guidelines, get out of the way, then verify everything is in place prior to [...]

Getting Volunteers

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Getting your volunteers lined up is sometimes pretty simple and sometimes difficult depending on the parental makeup of your players. Let’s start by the basics you’ll need: Referees - The more you can get the easier it to attract additional ones as the workload goes down. You becoming a ref certainly helps, but always aim for [...]

Template – Introductory Email to Parents

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As part of a good team communications plan, this would be a good example of an email that you can send to parents as a first contact with them after you get your team assignments. --- Hello Parents - Welcome to Ladera [G07U Fall] Soccer! I’ll be your daughter’s coach for the season and I am [...]

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