Congratulations on deciding to become a youth soccer coach! It may very well be the most rewarding activity you’ve done with your child in a long time.

All coaches (including assistants) are required to complete 2 online activities and 1 in-person course:

  1. Safe Haven – General team safety (online)
  2. Concussion Awareness (online)
  3. Age appropriate coaching course (in-person for 6u and above; 5u is online)

The classroom training for 10u and below is a two-hour session done in or around Ladera after working hours. All online training is accessed through AYSO University using the same Blue Sombrero credentials you used to sign your child up for soccer. If you haven’t done that step yet, start here. Once you’ve signed up with Blue Sombrero, you can access training courses here.

Once you’ve done these three things you are certified to coach your respective age group. HOWEVER, in order for you, your child, and their teammates to get the most out of the season, we also HIGHLY recommend the following:

  1. Peruse this site. It’s organized for new coaches. Go here when you’re ready to start managing your team like a seasoned coach
  2. Inquire about obtaining a coaching mentor. They are more than happy to provide guidance, even helping you with your first couple practices
  3. Consider signing up for the regional referee course to learn about the Laws of the Game. Knowing the rules (referred to as “Laws” in soccer) will instantly make you a more effective coach. You’ll be so glad you didn’t put this off until later
  4. If you are new to the game of soccer, no problem! Start here!

If you are already a USSF certified coach, please see the cross certification page here.