If you’ve reached this page it is likely because you’re interested in becoming a new coach for your child’s 8u or below team. The requirements for becoming a coach do NOT entail having much (if any) previous soccer knowledge. The rules (referred to as Laws of the Game) of soccer are actually extremely simple at this age level.

There are hundreds of YouTube videos and articles that review the basic rules of soccer. You’re certainly welcome to go browsing, but in our experience, the best way for you to come up to speed in soccer as a coach is to:

  1. Minimally you will want to review AYSO’s Summary of the Laws of the Game via AYSOU. You will find it under the My Courses link once logged in.
  2. Sign up for the regional referee course. They are in or close to Ladera and give you the in-depth knowledge that will serve your coaching “career” for a long time.
  3. As part of the referee course, you will be exposed to Player Development Initiatives. They are specific guidelines that alter/simplify the Laws for younger age groups. This includes the recommended number of players, field size, and changes to the Laws (such as no offside infractions and use of build out lines). AYSO PDI Guidelines Fall 18 is the current implementation of these initiatives for our region you can review directly
  4. Once you have your team, set up a pre-season scrimmage and invite either a coach mentor (email or a referee mentor (email to attend. They are happy to walk the players (and you) through the game. Note: Scrimmages need to take place on your designated field/time during practice
  5. Please note that the coach certification training focuses on team/player management and not on the rules of soccer

The most important thing to remember is to not let a prior lack of soccer knowledge stop you from volunteering to coach at this age group. The rules have been extremely simplified from the standard rules so that the kids (and coaches) can focus on the most basic aspects of soccer without bogging down the game with technicalities.

When you’re ready, email to get your new adventure started!