As we’ve covered, there is no expectation that you understand at a detailed level (especially in 8u and below) all of the specific technical and tactical skills that you should be covering during a season. There are pre-built session plans that will help direct you.

Looking at these sessions plans, however, can still leave it difficult for you to consume the bigger picture objectives that you can then communicate to your team or frame to your players. And on the flip side, it can be difficult to determine at what age certain technical coaching points should be introduced.

To assist, we’ve created a Player Skills Development Map.

Disclaimer: While it is meant to be comprehensive it will never be “complete”. It is published in a DRAFT state in order to get feedback and improve. Commenting is allowed (and encouraged) in the document. The age range is just a starting point suggestion. Everything is based on anecdotal observation and are not directly tied to any specific coaching methodology. However, care has been given to ensure broad alignment with US Soccer and AYSO age-appropriate coaching recommendations.