As part of a good team communications plan, this would be a good example of an email that you can send to parents as a first contact with them after you get your team assignments.

Hello Parents – Welcome to Ladera [G07U Fall] Soccer!

I’ll be your daughter’s coach for the season and I am really looking forward to getting to know you and your daughters. Before we get into logistics, a little about your coaches:

Coach Mike – This is coach Mike’s first season as a coach in AYSO. He has great memories of himself playing in AYSO as a kid and couldn’t wait until his daughter was old enough to sign her up. He’s lived in Ladera for 8 years and his daughter Kate goes to Forrester Elementary. A fun fact about coach Mike is that he’s an excellent juggler, maybe we can get him to teach the girls some tricks after practice! Welcome coach Mike!

Coach Darrin – I was lucky enough to coach my daughter’s team last season and I enjoyed it so much I decided to sign up again. I grew up playing soccer competitively as a kid and I didn’t realize how much I missed the sport until my daughter Jillian started playing again. We’ve been in Ladera for 5 years and she also goes to Forrester Elementary. My secret talent is coming up with silly cheers and dance moves, so expect that we’ll have a great cheer to show off before every game 😉

Now, on to soccer!

Here’s a list of the players on the team, hopefully you recognize a friend or two, but if not, no worries–I promise we’ll have them making new friends in no time!

Samantha Smith, Jollie Jones, Katie Kerns, … …

Our first meeting will be at Meet Your Team Day on August 10th (this Saturday!) at [10a] at Ladera Ranch Elementary in the multi purpose room. Please get that on your calendar now please, I would love a chance to have all the girls and families get to know each other. I’ll lay out my basic plans for the season, provide some logistics around uniforms, practices, etc, and we’ll have a couple fun icebreakers for the girls. Please bring 2 copies of your player registration for me as I need to keep these with me at all times for emergency contact reasons. If you don’t know how to do that instructions are posted here: . Players aren’t allowed to attend practice until I have these forms.

Future communication will be through a Shutterfly website which I’ll setup after Meet Your Team Day so you’ll see an invite in your inbox shortly after our meeting.

I’m looking for the following volunteer roles for the season. If you’d like to volunteer please send me an email prior to Meet Your Team Day:

  • Referee – I’m looking for 3 parents to volunteer. For new parents it’s a great way to learn the game. For returning parents you might be like me and realize how much you DIDN’T know about the game after taking the short class. With 3 parents it’ll be a super light workload
  • Team parent – Helps with collecting for shared expenses, and plans an event or 2 during the season
  • Photographer – Important! Capture a few action shots of each player and get together for the occasional team shot.

Looking forward to getting this fun season kicked off! In the meantime, feel free to email/call/text if you need anything.

Coach Darrin and Mike