Team Fund

AYSO has a policy against collecting pooled funds as there have been cases of abuse. So you’ll just need to do your best to get reinbursed for shared expenses. I recommend communicating upfront what that will be and collecting any banner funds right away. Typical expenses include:

  • $15 per family to cover two parties and the occasional after practice treat
  • A total of $20 to cover coaches gifts
  • A total of $150 to cover a team banner


For U8 boys and U10 girls and below teams banners are a hit. You can get a very fun and professional-looking custom banner through The Perfect Impression here. There are different options but budget $150. You may be able to find them less expensive elsewhere however the results can be hit or miss. Above those ages wind flags (or similar) seem to work better but are more expensive. For older teams there are more families to divide the cost so it’s not overly costly–I usually ask the team at first practice if they prefer a banner/flag after we have our team name picked.

At the end of the season you can carve up the banner and hand out their names. Save the polls for next season and you can save some $.