Refereeing 6u Games

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6u is unique in that coaches serve as the referees. At 5 years old they just a need a bit more handholding so we allow coaches to be on the field with them at the beginning of the season and they can make the calls too. The format looks like: For September (Fall) or March (Spring) [...]

Law Changes for 2019

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Coaches - Be aware of new rules (Laws of the Game) starting in our Fall season: Goal kicks - Ball is in play as soon as it is kicked/passed. No longer do players have to be outside the penalty area. Opponents must remain outside the penalty area for 12u and up and behind the build out [...]

Template – Preseason Email to Parents

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Hello Firefly fans! The start of the season is upon us and I can't wait to get started. Your girls have been working very hard on the practice field and I'm sure are anxious to show off what they've learned. I have a few things to cover just to make sure we're all set for our first [...]

Equipment Reference

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Here is the needed equipment and requirements for each age group: 8u and below Soccer Ball - Size 3, properly inflated (it should be about 10 psi, or only slight give when pressing firmly on the ball) Shinguards - Worn completely under soccer socks. Shinguards cannot be worn over socks then folded over Soccer socks - [...]

Should You Take the Referee Course?

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The short answer is “absolutely”, but since it took a couple years to become convinced of that as a coach myself, let me tell you why I eventually came to that conclusion. The biggest barrier is the six-hour course on a weekend. For that kind of time investment I expect a big benefit. Now, I already [...]

Getting Volunteers

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Getting your volunteers lined up is sometimes pretty simple and sometimes difficult depending on the parental makeup of your players. Let’s start by the basics you’ll need: Referees - The more you can get the easier it to attract additional ones as the workload goes down. You becoming a ref certainly helps, but always aim for [...]

Template – Introductory Email to Parents

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As part of a good team communications plan, this would be a good example of an email that you can send to parents as a first contact with them after you get your team assignments. --- Hello Parents - Welcome to Ladera [G07U Fall] Soccer! I’ll be your daughter’s coach for the season and I am [...]

Player Development Initiatives

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Player Development Initiatives (or PDIs) are meant to influence how soccer clubs (including AYSO) alter the implementation of soccer programs to accommodate younger players. Member clubs like AYSO take these initiatives and implement them at the division level. Each Section issues guidance to their respective regions about the implementation of these PDIs. PDIs cover a number of topics [...]

New to Soccer?

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If you've reached this page it is likely because you're interested in becoming a new coach for your child's 8u or below team. The requirements for becoming a coach do NOT entail having much (if any) previous soccer knowledge. The rules (referred to as Laws of the Game) of soccer are actually extremely simple at this [...]

New Coach Training and Certification

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Congratulations on deciding to become a youth soccer coach! It may very well be the most rewarding activity you've done with your child in a long time. All coaches (including assistants) are required to complete a few basic steps: If you haven't already, complete the coach application so you can select desired practice times, coach pairings, [...]

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