Team Text Thread

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Part of a good communication plan is ensuring you can reach people when you need to. Many parents will not digest important, timely information well over email. That’s just a fact of life. Make everyone’s life easier by setting up a simple text thread between all parents. Since most text services won’t let you have more [...]

Team Website

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As part of an amazing team communication plan there are a few good options for setting up a team website for communications. Like anything else there are pros and cons with any option. For the purposes of this article, we’re assuming you need the basics of a calendar, availability tracker, and photo sharing. All of the [...]

Template – Pre-practice Email to Parents

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Continuing our team communications cadence: This would be a great example of an email to send parents right before your first practice. Adapt as you see fit depending on age group and your personal objectives. If you’re struggling to come up with your own objective, check out this condensed list of objectives by age group which [...]

Getting Volunteers

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Getting your volunteers lined up is sometimes pretty simple and sometimes difficult depending on the parental makeup of your players. Let’s start by the basics you’ll need: Referees - The more you can get the easier it to attract additional ones as the workload goes down. You becoming a ref certainly helps, but always aim for [...]

Team Communication Plan

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Good or poor communication is typically held up as a root cause for successful or unsuccessful groups/teams/relationships/etc. The problem therein is that communication is such a broad topic that it’s hard for a coach to act on the directive of having “good communication with parents”. After I looked back at all the best seasons I’ve experienced [...]

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