First Practice Player Meeting

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I like to have players come 15 minutes early to the first practice where I host a players-only meeting with the coaches. My overarching goal is to start to establish my team’s culture. As a part of that I want them to get to know me and each other. Here’s a typical agenda: Names - Go [...]

Creating a Successful Culture

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Culture starts at the top but ultimately needs to be bought into by your players and parents. A successful culture is one that allows for faster player development while still promoting the enjoyment of the sport. Coaches all have different personalities but there are some aspects of culture that I believe should permeate every team: Discipline [...]

The Cheer/Chant

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This topic is near and dear to me as I really enjoy working with my kids to come up with memorable and/or funny cheers or chants. I have yet to coach a team through U14 that (even if skeptical at first) didn’t eventually really enjoy a pregame funny cheer or war chant as the case may [...]

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