Template – Preseason Email to Parents

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Hello Firefly fans! The start of the season is upon us and I can't wait to get started. Your girls have been working very hard on the practice field and I'm sure are anxious to show off what they've learned. I have a few things to cover just to make sure we're all set for our first [...]

Team Text Thread

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Part of a good communication plan is ensuring you can reach people when you need to. Many parents will not digest important, timely information well over email. That’s just a fact of life. Make everyone’s life easier by setting up a simple text thread between all parents. Since most text services won’t let you have more [...]

Team Communication Plan

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Good or poor communication is typically held up as a root cause for successful or unsuccessful groups/teams/relationships/etc. The problem therein is that communication is such a broad topic that it’s hard for a coach to act on the directive of having “good communication with parents”. After I looked back at all the best seasons I’ve experienced [...]

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