Template – Preseason Email to Parents

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Hello Firefly fans! The start of the season is upon us and I can't wait to get started. Your girls have been working very hard on the practice field and I'm sure are anxious to show off what they've learned. I have a few things to cover just to make sure we're all set for our first [...]

Distributing Jerseys

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The most important question is “when” to distribute jerseys. The tongue-in-cheek answer is: whenever you no longer need leverage. You’ll want to make sure you have these things complete: Copies of player registration in hand Banner Reimbursements collected Volunteers in place In addition, be mindful that players can be switched around at the early part of [...]

Template – First Week of Practice Recap Email to Parents

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As part of our ideal parents communication plan this a great example of an email to parents after the first couple practices to keep them up to date on how things are going. It doesn’t have to be long, just something that allows parents a bit of inspection into how you think things are going in [...]

Template – First Game Recap Email to Parents

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The initial game is the first time many (most?) of the parents will take an active interest in their kid’s soccer season. When little Suzie or Jonny are on the field and either doing above average or below average is when parents’ start immediately judging your coaching abilities. They may even have completely ignored all your [...]

Getting Volunteers

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Getting your volunteers lined up is sometimes pretty simple and sometimes difficult depending on the parental makeup of your players. Let’s start by the basics you’ll need: Referees - The more you can get the easier it to attract additional ones as the workload goes down. You becoming a ref certainly helps, but always aim for [...]

Template – Introductory Email to Parents

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As part of a good team communications plan, this would be a good example of an email that you can send to parents as a first contact with them after you get your team assignments. --- Hello Parents - Welcome to Ladera [G07U Fall] Soccer! I’ll be your daughter’s coach for the season and I am [...]

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