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Darrin is an AYSO Advanced Coach and certified Coach Instructor. He leads the Coach Mentorship program for region 1455.

Easy Ideas for Practicing in Small Spaces Without Goals

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While AYSO would love to provide every team at least half a field with a goal for every practice, there will sometimes be space restrictions that force coaches to share smaller spaces and/or rotate use of goals. Even still, there will be times before games that you need to practice (warm up) without much space and [...]

Refereeing 6u Games

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6u is unique in that coaches serve as the referees. At 5 years old they just a need a bit more handholding so we allow coaches to be on the field with them at the beginning of the season and they can make the calls too. The format looks like: For September (Fall) or March (Spring) [...]

How can I verify I’ve met all my coach eligibility requirements?

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To complete any of the items mentioned above, the instructions are all on this one page: http://laderasoccer.net/new-coach/ You can verify each step is completed by: Volunteer Registration, Background Check, and Coach Training Log into your Sports Connect (formerly known as Blue Sombrero) account Click on the Volunteer option in the left menu Ensure you have an [...]

5v5 Formations

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After reading about lineup creation, player positions, and basics of formations, you should have a solid grounding to select your formation for the season. Here are specific recommendations for 5v5 (no keeper) used in our 7u age group. 1-3-1 Pros: Provides good depth and great width Solid center provided by CM and CB Cons: Mids must [...]

Signing Up to Coach in Sports Connect (FKA Blue Sombrero)

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In order to volunteer for any position in AYSO, the league (and our insurance) require an automated background check be completed. This process is managed through the same site used to sign your child up for soccer (Sports Connect, formerly known as Blue Sombrero). To volunteer as a coach complete these steps: Go to ayso1455.org If [...]

Law Changes for 2019

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Coaches - Be aware of new rules (Laws of the Game) starting in our Fall season: Goal kicks - Ball is in play as soon as it is kicked/passed. No longer do players have to be outside the penalty area. Opponents must remain outside the penalty area for 12u and up and behind the build out [...]

Locating Coaching Courses on AYSOU

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Once you've accessed AYSOU for the first time, you're now able to search for coaching (or other) courses. To check for upcoming coaching courses: Log onto AYSOU Click on the My Courses link in the menu Select Instructor Led Courses from the menu Select Coach Instructor Led Courses Select the appropriate aged coaching level you need [...]

Coaching Manuals and Session Plans

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AYSO Coaching Manuals: 6uCoachManual 8uCoachManual 10uCoachManual 12uCoachManual IntermediateCoachManual AdvancedCoachManual US Soccer Federation Session Plans: U6 Session Plans U8 Session Plans U10 Session Plans U12 Session Plans Other options: 64 Small-Sided Games Soccer Coach Weekly Coaching Manual (there is a free account option)

Possession Article Series Recap

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If you want to see the original post series go here. This page allows you to print or export the entire series at once. What is a “possession style”? Possession-based soccer is characterized by: Methodically moving the ball up the field with many short, quick passes Comfortable playing the ball across and back, including to the [...]

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