Coaches – Feel free to point your team parent here. This is just a short list of ideas I’ve seen that worked well and weren’t expensive at all:

  1. A card signed by every player on the team. Do encourage the players to write a short phrase or (if too young) ask them and write it for them. Coaches love seeing the phase “Best coach ever!”
  2. A hangable plaque, again with signatures and short phrases from the players.
  3. Photobooks are great but a bit more expensive. Adding in some quotes or photo captions go a long way
  4. Framed photo of coach and their child or of coach and the team. This is why it definitely helps to have a team photographer
  5. For young teams: Have the coaches child draw a picture of the two of them. The rest of the team can embellish and add names and phrases
  6. Coffee or ice cream type gift cards as a last resort. If you do something like ice cream, get a few in $5 increments instead of one big one. The coach may not eat ice cream but they can always pass them back out to players

As a final rule of thumb, the more personal the better. I don’t remember the gift cards even though I appreciate them. I have the plaques, photos, and cards hanging up in my office though.