Using Matchtrack

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Matchtrack is AYSO Section 11's official field and match scheduling service. It is very simple to navigate once you understand how to find your division. Finding Your Team or Checking Field Status For 8u and below, you will always find your division by: Go to Under area L, look for AYSO Region 1455 - Ladera [...]

Template – Preseason Email to Parents

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Hello Firefly fans! The start of the season is upon us and I can't wait to get started. Your girls have been working very hard on the practice field and I'm sure are anxious to show off what they've learned. I have a few things to cover just to make sure we're all set for our first [...]

Accessing Team Contact Information in Sports Connect (FKA Blue Sombrero)

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In order to see the FULL contact information for your team you need to use the Print Roster option in Sports Connect (formerly known as Blue Sombrero). Just viewing the roster will not give you all the contact information in many cases. Go to and click Login Locate the player on the landing page and [...]

Running a Well Managed Team

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We're stoked that you care enough to want to have a fantastically well-run team. For a little bit of extra effort, you will be a rock star coach to your players and their families. We recommend you start with a series of short articles that covers every aspect of running your team. Make sure you leverage [...]

First Practice Player Meeting

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I like to have players come 15 minutes early to the first practice where I host a players-only meeting with the coaches. My overarching goal is to start to establish my team’s culture. As a part of that I want them to get to know me and each other. Here’s a typical agenda: Names - Go [...]

Creating a Successful Culture

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Culture starts at the top but ultimately needs to be bought into by your players and parents. A successful culture is one that allows for faster player development while still promoting the enjoyment of the sport. Coaches all have different personalities but there are some aspects of culture that I believe should permeate every team: Discipline [...]

Game Time Coaching

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The biggest difference you already made for your team for this game was the lineup. Still, a coach can have a big (and positive) impact on the game provided they are doing the correct things. There other areas where you have influence: Pregame warmup Pregame review Providing on the field instruction The last bullet is the [...]

Team Text Thread

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Part of a good communication plan is ensuring you can reach people when you need to. Many parents will not digest important, timely information well over email. That’s just a fact of life. Make everyone’s life easier by setting up a simple text thread between all parents. Since most text services won’t let you have more [...]

Template – First Week of Practice Recap Email to Parents

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As part of our ideal parents communication plan this a great example of an email to parents after the first couple practices to keep them up to date on how things are going. It doesn’t have to be long, just something that allows parents a bit of inspection into how you think things are going in [...]

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