Easy Ideas for Practicing in Small Spaces Without Goals

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While AYSO would love to provide every team at least half a field with a goal for every practice, there will sometimes be space restrictions that force coaches to share smaller spaces and/or rotate use of goals. Even still, there will be times before games that you need to practice (warm up) without much space and [...]

The Importance of Juggling

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Juggling in soccer is the act of using all parts of your body to keep bouncing the ball in the air. Learning to juggle at the 8u age can seem tedious for players, but it's a wonderful skill to incorporate into your practice and pregame warmup. It gets the players comfortable using multiple surfaces of their [...]

Ball Control Progression

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As part of your standard “warmup” that you use at every practice and before every game I like to create a ball control progression that combines footwork development with dribbling and turning skills. Think of it as a mini-combine where you’re packing as many elements of ball control as possible into a 10 minute window. Here [...]

Pregame Huddle

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Every coach has a style of pep talk they prefer. Go with what works for you. Having tried many different varieties including analytical, intense, funny, etc. I can tell you it is very situational. At best I can offer some do's and don'ts. Don't: Introduce new concepts - That's a very stressful time to try to [...]

Pregame Warmup

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The pregame warmup, like your lineup, pregame speech, and game-time coaching are important factors in maximizing your team's success. The goal is to get the players limber, ready to run (but not tired!), comfortable with the ball, and acclimated to field conditions--all in usually 20 minutes. Easy, right? Before we get into some things I recommend, [...]

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