The best way to master anything is to learn to teach it. In order to be able to teach it you need to solidify your fundamentals, expose yourself to the theory behind coaching philosophies , and spend a good deal of time working with others. Be careful, once you head down this rabbit hole it can be extremely addicting–don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Coaching Excellence Program Get exposed to other coaches through our formal mentorship program. Not only will you get to know and learn from the other senior coaches in the league, but you’ll be helping up-level our 1455 coaching staff at the same time. If you think you have what it takes (or a strong desire to learn and help) begin by filling out an application.
Training Calendar This will link to all upcoming available Intermediate and Advanced-level coach training and certification opportunities when they are available. For sessions outside our area, go to AYSOU -> My Courses -> Instructor Led Courses -> Coach Instructor Led Courses. 1455 will reimburse the cost of these courses (but no travel expenses)
Beyond AYSO Coaching Get a perspective beyond AYSO and look to formal training and certification via the US Soccer Federation. Note: 1455 does not reimburse for non-AYSO training, but it is still encouraged for EXTRA coaches
Become a Coach Trainer Nothing helps you learn better than teaching. Email to get approved to take the AYSO Train-the-Trainer courses
Head “Back to School” Our recommended reading/viewing list:

  1. Anything by Dan Blank. Happy Feet, SoccerIQ (1 & 2), Possession, High Pressure, and Shutout Pizza are all fantastic
  2. YouTube channels: freekickerz, Michael Cunningham, Online Soccer Academy, and SoccerCoachTV
  3. Area 11L Coaching Director Bill Ramires’ coaching site. You’ll need to request access
  4. Got others? Please send recommendations to
¬†Browse “Next Level” Content This is content intended for competitive program (EXTRA) coaches. But anyone is welcome to view if you have the interest.