Hello Firefly fans!
The start of the season is upon us and I can’t wait to get started. Your girls have been working very hard on the practice field and I’m sure are anxious to show off what they’ve learned.
I have a few things to cover just to make sure we’re all set for our first game:
  • Arrival – Please arrive at the field 30 minutes early. If you are late for any reason please text both Mike and me asap
  • Coaching/cheering – I coach a lot during the games, but (practically) always OFF THE BALL: meaning that it is focused on positions/spacing/etc from girls not directly in the play. When girls have the ball, I do my best to let them play and make decisions. Please do the same–there is nothing more confusing during a critical moment than listening to someone yell “shoot” while the other “pass” etc. However: Cheer as much as you want! I love a loud sideline!
  • Referees – I will never interact with a referee unless I feel there is an urgent safety issue at play. Parents should never complain about a call, even if you are just exclaiming it to our sideline. Most sideline refs will be youth refs, so never expose them to negative comments. My son and daughter are refs so that hits extra close to home for me. I don’t expect any issues from our awesome parents, but know that I take this seriously
  • Picture day – It is on the Shutterfly calendar for 10:50 on Sun. Cindy will pass out envelopes to fill out there. If you’re not there 10 min early you risk missing the photo, don’t cut it close
  • Pictures – Please help out our team photographer (Nick, Lauren’s dad) by snapping some photos and posting them right after the game. As a coach I miss out on that opportunity so I really appreciate your helping catch those memories
  • Game management – Players should expect to play 3 quarters every game and will play both an offensive and defensive position. Though we do accomodate requests, we also try to expose players to other positions to help with their continued development
Be ready to bring some energy and noise to our sideline. Game on!
Coach Darrin/Mike