Here is the needed equipment and requirements for each age group:

8u and below

  • Soccer Ball – Size 3, properly inflated (it should be about 10 psi, or only slight give when pressing firmly on the ball)
  • Shinguards – Worn completely under soccer socks. Shinguards cannot be worn over socks then folded over
  • Soccer socks – Must completely cover the shinguards
  • Cleats – Must be soccer cleats. Baseball/football/etc cleats are NOT permitted, ever
  • Jersey – Official numbered team jersey and shorts required for matches
  • Water bottle – Use good judgment re amount needed
  • Jewelry, etc. – None allowed ever during practice or games, even freshly pierced ears/earrings (even covered). No cloth styled friendship bracelets. No casts of any kind. Bandages are acceptable as long as no hard cast or other material is below the bandage. No watches/fitbits etc.

Here are the VARIANCES from above for other age groups below:

10u and 12u

  • Soccer Ball – Size 4

14u and above

  • Soccer Ball – Size 5