Coaches – Be aware of new rules (Laws of the Game) starting in our Fall season:

  • Goal kicks – Ball is in play as soon as it is kicked/passed. No longer do players have to be outside the penalty area. Opponents must remain outside the penalty area for 12u and up and behind the build out line for 10u
  • Hand balls – There are a few changes around this, basically a hand ball can now be called even if unintentional if the player gains an advantage. Goals can not be scored off unintentional hand balls
  • Coach cards – Coaches can now be given yellow and red cards. We should already be following our internal guidance that we NEVER confront a referee and we keep our sideline in check
  • Drop ball – There are no longer “contested” drop balls between opposing sides. Dropped balls are awarded to the player nearest the ball / in possession. If inside the penalty area, ball goes to goalkeeper regardless of possession
  • Free kick / wall – If a free kick is given and players form a wall with 3 or more players, all other players must be a yard away
  • Penalty kicks – Goalkeepers must have both feet on the line at time ball is kicked. Note the document below says one foot, this has been changed since its publishing

You can review these changes in full detail here: