As part of our ideal parents communication plan this a great example of an email to parents after the first couple practices to keep them up to date on how things are going. It doesn’t have to be long, just something that allows parents a bit of inspection into how you think things are going in general.

Hello Pink Firefly families!

That’s right, our daughters came up with and voted on a team name at last practice. We are now officially the Ladera Pink Fireflies. I love it! We’ll come up with a fun cheer around this.

We also played a couple fun games to allow the girls to remember each other’s names so they can start communicating to each other on the field.

As I mentioned for this first month we’re focusing them on a basic formation (or system) which for our 4v4 team will be a 1-2-1 which basically means we have one fullback, 2 midfielders, and one forward. EVERYONE will rotate through each position during the game. Players are not recommended to specialize into positions until much later in their soccer development. Everyone learns to play every position. It also doesn’t do much good to have a basic shape if they all stay right around the ball, so we’re working on spreading out and not beehiving.

The girls have been making great progress on this and Mike and I are very happy with the results thus far, we may even be able to move on to our next phase a week ahead of schedule.

Our first game is coming up in a couple weeks and I know our girls are looking forward to it. I’ll have one more note on game logistics a couple days prior.

That’s all for now. Go Pink Fireflies!
Coach Darrin/Mike