Continuing our team communications cadence: This would be a great example of an email to send parents right before your first practice. Adapt as you see fit depending on age group and your personal objectives. If you’re struggling to come up with your own objective, check out this condensed list of objectives by age group which is based on the AYSO Official Coaching Manuals.

Hello Soccer Families!

Coach Mike and I are very excited to for our first practice tomorrow, hopefully your daughters are as well.

You should already have these dates on your calendar from our Shutterfly site, but I just wanted to make sure everyone had this lined up:

Weekly Practice (Sept 27 through Nov 5th):

  1. Every Mon at 4p-5p at Forrester Elementary field 2 (field closest to bathrooms)
  2. Please bring a size 3 soccer ball, big jug of ice water as it will be warm, and a dri-fit type shirt (they will overheat if they wear cotton tshirts)
  3. Mandatory items! – Shin guards (fully underneath their socks (NO foldovers!), soccer cleats, baseball cleats not allowed, and no jewelry–even if they just got their ears pierced. It is against AYSO and our group insurance policy to let the girls practice if all of these are not met so please help coaches out here, thanks!!!

Our goals for this season are as follows. It will guide everything we do!

  1. Have fun!
  2. Get better every week!

Every practice will have some element of fun and games that hopefully ensure the girls can’t wait to come to the next practice. And if we do our job well, they’ll be learning new techniques each week while enjoying themselves.

What we are NOT focused on are short term tactics that just increase our goal count that hinder their long development (e.g. everyone always pass to the one girl that has the biggest kick).

Instead, every month we’ll be focusing them on 1-2 major skills that will help them develop as a well rounded soccer player. For the first month, we’ll be focused on:

  1. Learning a basic shape or formation – they’re old enough now that they can start to learn that they should start orienting themselves based on ball and teammate positions
  2. Spacing – Now we start to teach them that not everyone has to chase the ball at once (beehive soccer)
  3. Every practice will incorporate basic ball control games

That’s it for now. I’ll be at this first practice at least 20 minutes early. I encourage you to have your daughter there 5 minutes early and ready to go on time. In case you weren’t able to make Meet Your Coach Day, please be sure to come early and introduce yourselves and your daughter, I’ll be wearing a bright yellow jersey.

Thanks and let’s get the season kicked off right!
Coach Darrin and Mike