Yet another installment in our team communication plan: After a great season (aren’t they all!) I like to send out an informal review from a coaching perspective. This is your time to lay out their progress according to the objectives you set for the season. The great thing is that you have been setting great objectives which ensures you are almost guaranteed to meet them no matter the final scoreboard.

Part of why I like this approach is that you are ending the season on a high note. Your team might have a losing record (so what), but if you’ve followed the advice here than your players certainly got a lot out of the season, likely more than from any other coach before them.

The other reason I like doing this in email form instead of in person at the end of season party is that parents can reflect and refer back to an email. Besides, you want to spend your time at the party heaping huge praise on each player individually instead of a group technical review.

Hello Firefly Families!

Coach Mike and I are both happy to have seen some amazing progress by our players this season, but we’re also a bit sad that it has to end so quickly. To provide a wrap up to a very fun season, we wanted to quickly highlight and review some of our objectives and activities we’ve accomplished.

If you remember way back to our introduction (which seems like a long time ago now), we talked about our (2) goals:

  1. Have fun!
  2. Get better every week


The true test of a successful season for us coaches is that your daughter wants to come back next Fall (or even this Spring!) and play soccer again. Youth coaching is all about keeping them actively engaged, learning at the same time, and wanting to continue on with this beautiful sport.

We had a great time playing some fun games and activities at each practice, Lora organized a really fun pool party for us, and the Smith’s really stepped up to host a movie night for us. I enjoyed getting to know all of you and I really hope you and your daughters made some great new friends this season. I know Jillian and I did.

Getting Better Each Week

We centered our 3 month season around different objectives each month:

  1. Technical skills like trapping, dribbling, shooting
  2. Team shape and spacing as well as taking deliberate actions with the ball
  3. Passing, which involves many different skills while working together as a team

The girls made excellent progress in each of these areas. We were especially thrilled to start seeing some of our goals later in the season begin by passes from teammates. I think we did that better than any other team out there. This will absolutely be a critical skill as the develop and they now have a great head start.

More Fun!

Mike and I will provide some great individual examples of the above at our upcoming TEAM PARTY (held during last practice)! Lora has a great time planned for us and she’ll be sending out the details in the separate email soon. Bring your cameras, it should a LOT of fun. I encourage all parents to attend.

Speaking of more fun, I do plan on coaching again in Spring. If you and daughters are interested in playing another season, please get in touch with me before you register.

See you all this weekend for the final conclusion of our amazing season!

Coach Darrin and Mike