These are items I recommend you have with you or in your coach bag:

Required (provided by league):

  1. Player registration forms (for emergency contact info)
  2. First Aid kit
  3. Game ball(s)**
  4. Lineup card**
  5. Coach ID (if applicable) **
  6. Coach jersey**

**Required for games only

If you’re missing any required items, please contact

Important (provided by league):

  1. Lineup (plus a copy for assistant)
  2. Cones (either for warmup or for marking dangerous areas of the field–consult with ref)
  3. Ball pump
  4. Pinnies (In case you and other team have similar jersey colors. Home team has responsibility to wear them)


  1. Stopwatch (easier to use than phone to track game times)
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Cap or sunglasses
  4. Clipboard and pen
  5. Goalkeeper gloves
  6. Extra pinnies (multicolor, for drills and keeper as needed)
  7. Your own water bottle
  8. Tactical whiteboard (anything you can diagram with )

Other items to consider: Folding bench for subs, an ezup on a hot day, a small cooler filled with ice water and towels on a hot day, rain-proof jacket

For additional coaching/practice equipment I like this list here: