At soccer’s highest level we associate that with the World Cup. The organization which governs the World Cup is FIFA. There are many regional and sub-regional organizations that formally roll up to FIFA. Here is how that structure is organized all the way down to the Ladera Ranch AYSO region 1455:

  • FIFA – The largest worldwide consortium of soccer clubs. They set the basic requirements for membership for each of the regions. Wikipedia
  • CONCACAF – The governing body for all soccer in North America.  Wikipedia

The other super-regional organizations that roll into FIFA include:

  • US Soccer Federation – Is the governing body of soccer in the United States. They oversee the US National and Olympic teams as well as most major professional organizations like Major League SoccerWikipedia
  • AYSO – The American Youth Soccer Organization is the largest (by membership) affiliate club of the US Soccer Federation. In that sense, AYSO, MLS, and others are all independent clubs that agree to abide by certain guidelines, even though the aims of the individual clubs may differ. AYSO is organized by a geographic structure of sections. Section 11 covers most Southern California (Los Angeles south). Each section is broken up into areas (area L for south Orange County) and by region for city (1455 for Ladera Ranch).