After reading about lineup creationplayer positions, and basics of formations, you should have a solid grounding to select your formation for the season. Here are specific recommendations for 9v9.


  • 4 spots to put less developed players (wings and fullbacks)
  • Very strong center
  • Excellent width
  • Provides good passing and clearing options
  • Tends to isolate your forward with opposing centerback
  • Transitions well to the popular 4-3-3 formation at 11v11


  • Higher work rate needed from center mids
  • Four strong players needed on the field at all times

This has become the more popular formation among most club organizations however I really like it at the rec level for separate reasons. It matches up very well with the traditionally more popular 3-3-2 formation.


  • Balanced offense and defense
  • 5 spots to put less developed players (outside fullbacks/mids and either forward)


  • Does not match up well against 3-2-3 in the middle of the field
  • Less offensive / easier to cover

Other formations and opinions: