After reading about lineup creationplayer positions, and basics of formations, you should have a solid grounding to select your formation for the season. Here are specific recommendations for 7v7.


  1. Good width and field coverage
  2. Less physically demanding


  1. Creates a hole in the middle of defense (fullbacks unsure who covers a drive up the middle)
  2. Only 2 positions where you can put less developed players

This is probably the most popular 7v7 formation, however I only like it for EXTRA teams.


  1. Provides good attacking support
  2. 3 positions for less developed players (wings and holding mid positions)
  3. Excellent coverage for both opponents clearances and long through balls with the deep centerback position


  1. Less width in back
  2. Higher work rate required

I prefer this formation to the 2-3-1. It’s much simpler to coach defensively: the holding mid (1-1-3-1) is always the primary defender and the centerback is always the secondary, both between the ball and the goal the entire game. The holding mid, always being in front of the opposing forward, will also mean that you often easily regain possession from your opponents cleared balls in your attacking third.


Other formations and opinions: