Region 1455's Coaching Excellence Program allows us to recognize our best and experienced coaches and reward them for their continued service and dedication to upholding AYSO's six philosophies. Becoming a Senior Coach is the next step for coaches as they become more seasoned and knowledgeable. Our coaches are a huge part of making this an awesome soccer experience for the kids, and we appreciate the generous donation of your time and energy.

    Senior Coaches will be rewarded with:

    • Senior Coach Shirt - red 1/4 zip lightweight long-sleeve performance tee with the region logo and "Senior Coach" on the left chest. This will be awarded once when a coach attains senior status.
    • Senior Coach Ball Bag - a nice heavy-duty ball bag with backpack straps for comfortable easy transport and an outer zip pocket for document and equipment storage. This will be awarded once when a coach attains senior status.
    • Seniority on uniform selection - extra points for our uniform selection lottery prior to each season.
    • Seniority on practice time selection - greater chance of getting preferred time slot.
    • All Star coach consideration - when coaching 10U/12U/14U.
    To qualify as a Senior Coach, you must:

    • Be a head or assistant coach in the upcoming season.
    • Have completed at least two in-person AYSO Coach Training courses with at least one at 10U or higher.
    • Have completed at least two seasons as a Head Coach in two different divisions. (Divisions are based on required training. Thus, 5U & 6U are considered one division and 7U & 8U are considered one division.)
    • Have completed the Summary Laws of the Game online training course at
    • Have completed Regional Referee certification (must be in-person training class).
    • Have RCA and staff approval.
    As a Senior Coach, you are expected to serve as a shining example of Positive Coaching and uphold AYSO's Six Philosophies. From time to time, we will likely ask you to step in as a substitute coach if a coach in your current division is unable to attend a practice or game. We will also likely match you with a less experienced coach in your current division should they need some help with organization, practice planning, etc. This will be done either through a head/assistant coach pairing or by setting concurrent practice times and encouraging consistent dialogue.

    Application for Recognition
    If you meet the qualifications above, please fill out the following application for recognition. Awards will be made at two times prior to the upcoming season: 1) at the Coach Meetings and 2) after our scheduled Coach and Referee training courses.
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Email Address:
    Cell Phone #:
    Coach Shirt Size request (all men's sizes):

    Are you registered as a Head or Assistant Coach for the upcoming season? Yes, I am registered

    Which training certifications have you earned?
    6U in-person coaching course
    8U in-person coaching course
    10U in-person coaching course
    12U in-person coaching course
    Intermediate in-person coaching course
    Advanced in-person coaching course

    Have you completed the Summary Laws of the Game training course at, I have completed Summary Laws of the Game

    Have you completed an 8U or Regional Referee Training Course?Yes, I have completed a Referee Course

    Coaching History
    Please list your coaching history. Be sure to include position, division, year and, if not at Region 1455, region where completed. For example, "Fall 2018 - B10U Head Coach, Spring 2018 - G8U Head Coach, etc."

    Any comments or questions? Would you be interested in becoming more involved and joining our region's board or coaching staff? We have the need for division coordinators, an assistant coach admin. and other positions.

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