The 5v5 program is for players U10 and below and designed to be like kids playing in the park. The kind of soccer uninterrupted by parents or outside influences. There is no coaching, no referees and lots of cheering from parents. The kids make the decisions on how they play and what to do. They trained hard all Fall season with their coaches and now it is time to put it to use. This program fills the gap between Fall and Spring allowing players to keep working on those skills in a game format.

5v5 is a 5 person vs 5 person format, 40 minute game (two 20 min halves) played on a smaller field with small goals and no goal keepers. Team Managers make substitutions on the fly. The game is played without off side rules and all fouls result in an indirect free kick that creates a fast paced exciting game. Best of all, there is no coaching…the players play and the parents cheer.

One of the best ways to improve a player’s technical ability is to get more touches on the ball in a game situation. The 5v5 program allows players more time on the field to further develop fundamental soccer skills.

More details: See FAQ’s below
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Remember, this is a U10 and younger program only.

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Note: If your child is looking for a challenge, they may play up. Depending on the number of kids registered, divisions may have to be combine.

Just like the Fall season, volunteering is mandatory.

We need volunteers to help with field setup and tear down, can you help?

IMPORTANT: I understand that this form is Registration Request, and not a Registration. Submission of this form does not guarantee the player will be accepted, as we have limited space. Acceptance is based on first come first serve, needs of the divisions to complete a game circuit and the number of volunteers signing up to coach/manage a team. The program coordinators have the final decision. I also understand that the 5v5 Program is run purely by volunteers and parents will be called upon to volunteer to assist the program. This may include setting up fields, taking down fields and other assistance where needed.

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5v5 Information:

All Registered U10 Players and below from Fall 2016.
Players that did not play in Fall 2016 will only be accepted if there is space available. If accepted, they will need to fill out a registration form and pay an additional $25 annual player fee to cover National Dues and Insurance.
Approved as a Volunteer for 2016 and having a Save Haven Certification 2013 and newer.
Since there are no coaches, coaching certs are not necessary.
Coaches or Managers may choose any “Eligible Player”, 7-8 players recommended per team.
5v5, free sub, 20 min halves, small sided field with PUG goals, no goalies, no referees, no coaching, no standings kept.
Saturdays, January 7, 2016 to February 11, 2016.
There are NO practices in this league.
Cox Soccer A – “Turf” field.
This means we play rain or shine! No games are rescheduled.
$30 per player. Please make check out to AYSO Regison 1455.

We will form teams from the individual registrations, as long as we have volunteers to manage teams. Individual registration ends December 10th. You may request a team, but we may not be able to honor based on the number of requests.

Teams will be formed after registration closes and we will do our best to build teams based on your request, but we may not be able to honor if the number of requests is higher than the available spots on the team.

We reserve the right to place your player where necessary to fill open spots on teams.

Please email all questions to:

The submission of the Team Registration Request Form and payment does not guarantee that the team will be accepted. Likewise, completion of an individual registration does not guarantee placement on a team. We are limited to 64 teams on a Saturday. If there is enough demand, we may have games on Sunday. The 5v5 Winter Program coordinators will have the final decision.